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This documentation will help you setup reCAPTCHA for contact form

Login to Gmail account to Register reCAPTCHA

You need to login to your Gmail account. Then follow the given link to register Google reCAPTCHA

You will need to Register a New Site as shown in the image below.

Google recaptcha1.jpg

You will need to Add Label, Choose the type of reCAPTCHA, Add a Domain Name and then Accept the reCAPTCHA terms of service.

Once done then Click on Register.

Once you register the Site you will be redirected to the page with Site Key and Secret Key as shown in the image below.

Google recaptcha2.jpg

Take a Copy of both the keys.

Login in to Control Panel

Now Login to your Control Panel (e.g. cPanel's url will be and login with your details. Then click on the SitePad Icon or Link.

Click on sitemush.png

You will be redirected to SitePad Website Builder

Click on Contact Form

After being redirected to SitePad Website Editor Hover on Settings on the left Sidebar you will see option for Contact Form. Click on Contact Form as shown in the image below.

Click on contact form.png

On Contact Form Setting Page you will see input box for reCAPTCHA Site Key and reCAPTCHA Secret Key as shown in the image below.

Sitemush recaptcha setting.png

Fill in the site key and secret key from the Google reCAPTCHA registration page. Once done click on Save.

The reCAPTCHA that you added will be registered and now you can use reCAPTCHA for contact form.