Add Tags to Blog Post

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In this tutorial, we will show you How to Add Tags to Blog Post.

For Adding Tags to your Blog Post you will need to access SitePad Editor.

Go to SitePad Editor

From your Control Panel click on SitePad Website Builder. You will be redirected to SitePad Editor Server.

Click on sitemush.png

Once you are redirected to the Editor Server you will see Blog in the Main menu. Click on All Posts and then click on Edit Icon to edit the Post. You will be redirected to the Editor.

Select all and edit.png

More Option and Tags Button

In Editor, you will need to hover the mouse on More then select Tags Button.

Select tags.png

A dialog box will appear in which you can add a New Tags as shown in the image below.

Add tags.png

After selecting the Tags that you want to assign to your post click on Save to update the Tags for the Post as shown in the image below.

Save tags.png

Preview Changes =

After assigning Tags to the post, on preview, your post would look like the image given below:

Tags on preview.png

Also if you assign a single tag to more than one post and when you click on that tag name it will show all the blog post assigned to that tag as shown in the image below:

Post display per tags.png