SitePad 1.0.7 Released


We have released SitePad 1.0.7

1) [Feature] : Added integration with pd-admin control panel. Refer to the install guide here.

2) [Feature] : Added integration with ISPmanager control panel. Refer to the install guide here.

3) [Improvement] : SitePad now works on PHP 7.1

4) [Improvement] : Added Filters to allow server admins to customize SitePad. Currently we have added a Filter to modify the list of domains for endusers. We will be adding more filters in future versions of SitePad. Guide.

5) [Improvement] : Added option on SitePad admin panel -> Settings page to define custom FTP port which will be used while publishing websites.

6) [Bug Fix] : In Directadmin, on some servers when the user’s home directory was a symlink to some other directory the path was not generated properly by SitePad. This is fixed now.

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The SitePad Team

SitePad Editor Update – August 2017


We have released few updates on SitePad Editor server in August and here are the details:

1.) [Feature] Added option to assign Categories to Blog Post. Guide

2.) [Feature] Added option to assign Tags to a Blog Post. Guide

3.) [Bug Fix] While accessing SitePad from Plesk with a subdomain subscription with only two characters prior to the main domain (Eg: was creating CSS issue. This has been fixed now.

4.) [Bug Fix] Contact Form used on either Header or Footer page was not working properly. This has been fixed for both.

5.) [Bug Fix] Upload URL for HTTPS website would load HTTP upload URL which was creating the issue when the browser did not allow to load mixed contents on the page. This has been fixed now.

6.) [Bug Fix] If the user had deleted the footer page then the content of each page was displayed twice. This has been fixed now.

7.) [Bug Fix] Grid Gallery Images were not responsive on Mobile view when Images were set to Large or Full width. This has been fixed now.

The SitePad Team