SitePad Editor Update


We have released few updates on SitePad Editor server this week and here are the details:

1.) [Feature] Added SiteMap option in SitePad Editor to configure sitemap.xml for the website. Guide

2.) [Feature] Added option for Custom HTML. Users can now add Custom HTML code in the header of their website through SitePad Editor. Guide

3.) [Feature] Custom Site Title. Users can now add custom Site Title for every page. Guide

4.) [Feature] Added Menu styling option. Users can now simply apply custom styling like Background Colour, Text Colour, etc for the menu when editing Primary Menu.

5.) [Improvment] Updated French Translation.

6.) [Bug Fix] Bold and Italic for certain themes were not working. This has been fixed now.

7.) [Bug Fix] Custom style for Contact Form, Google Map, Counter and Pricing Table were not working. This has been fixed now.

8.) [Bug Fix] Switch to Grid Icon in media page was not being shown when in List View. This has been fixed now.

9.) [Bug Fix] Attachments added to the download button were not published properly. This has been fixed now.

The SitePad Team

SitePad Editor Servers performs faster with NGINX


The SitePad team has changed the web server on their editor servers to NGINX which makes the editor server to load Faster than before.

Recently the editor servers were also updated to use CDN and now with the combination of NGINX and CDN the editor servers are performing much faster making the user experience much better.

The SitePad Team