19 Themes Removed


SitePad aims at providing only quality themes. In order to maintain themes quality, we have removed certain old themes from our themes directory.

Here is the list of all 19 themes that we have removed from SitePad themes directory :

  1. Escalier
  2. PlainLeaf
  3. Low-Down
  4. LawnLike
  5. Swarming
  6. RedMarket
  7. UnderTheBridge
  8. EntryWay
  9. Veridical
  10. Reciprocal
  11. Breakeven
  12. Mariposa
  13. Embellished
  14. Glissade
  15. Scenic Office
  16. Straightedge
  17. Vestibule
  18. Fetchingly
  19. Hyacinth

Please Note: Users that are already using these themes will not be affected. They will still be able to manage their site in our editor as before. However, users will not be able to activate the above themes anymore.

SitePad Team