SitePad 1.2.6 Launched in Stable branch


We have launched SitePad 1.2.6 in the Stable branch.

1) [Feature] Cookie Consent Editor has been added in the new SitePad Editor. We also have a simple wizard to enable Cookie Consent. The new editor allows visual editing options.

2) [Feature] We have added the Scrolling Effects and Mouse Effects feature in the new SitePad Editor. You can now set an animation to an element on mouse movement or on a scroll.

3) [Feature] We have now added 500+ sections in SitePad. You can 1-click add sections to a post/page. We have also added many pages so that you can build your website with just a few clicks.

4) [Feature] Most text fields are now editable from the Editor window itself without the left bar text fields. This enhances the editing experience.

5) [Feature] A login system has been implemented for the new SitePad Editor. The new login system works by emailing an OTP to the Admin User. The primary login system via the control panel is always going to be there.

6) [Feature] Bruteforce checks are also implemented for the new Login System.

7) [Feature] We have implemented an optional Google reCaptcha setting as well for captcha during various forms like Login, Registration, comments, etc. By default a math captcha is enabled.

8) [Feature] You can also rename the login page to avoid other users to know what is the login URL.

9) [Feature] We have Added 20+ new themes for the new SitePad editor. You can view the latest themes on our website :

10) [Improvement] We have added a pre-loader to the SitePad editor.

11) [Improvement] The Left-bar UI has been improved. Much more UI changes are coming !

12) [Improvement] The Add Section wizard, has been further improved. The speed of image loading has also improved and we will improve the sections further.

13) [Task] File Permissions settings for writable Files and Directories has been added in the Admin Panel.

14) [Task] Added the option to de-select the options from the multi-select property type.

15) [Task] MySQL will now be generated with a special character to make it stronger.

16) [Task] On DirectAdmin if the FTP password was not having special characters, the old SitePad editor could not publish files. This is fixed.

17) [BugFix] When a site was edited in SitePad Panel, the email address was not updated for the admin user. This is fixed.

18) [BugFix] On some DirectAdmin servers, openbase_dir restrictions were not allowing SitePad installations to work. We have added /usr/local/sitepad as an allowed path for all installations to fix this.

19) [Bug-Fix] In certain cases, widgets were broken when we use double code in text. This is fixed.

20) [Bug-Fix] The image portfolio icon was missing. This is fixed.

The new SitePad editor will now soon be made the default for all users and we will be able to give more themes and new features like e-commerce very soon. We plan to do this by mid April 2020.

The SitePad Team

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