SitePad 1.3.0 Launched in Stable branch


We have launched SitePad 1.3.0 in the Stable branch.

1) [Feature] Added SEO settings in the new Sitepad editor. Now users can add their websites meta information for SEO optimization.

2) [ Feature ] We have improved the Contact Form in SitePad. You can now modify the email templates for a particular contact form or set a global default contact form template.

3) [Task] Users can now add additional HTML, Javascript, CSS codes, etc. to their Headers and Footers. Users can give a global setting or modify them individually for a particular page or post.

4) [Task] A Coming Soon message will be shown if the website is not yet setup.

5) [Bug-Fix] If the profile email was changed, the email confirmation message was not being sent. This is fixed.

6) [Bug-Fix] The internal SitePad URL i.e. was not being rendered in some cases. This is fixed.

7) [Bug-Fix] If the Admin had setup their own branding, it was not correctly displayed in certain areas. This is fixed.

8) [Bug-Fix] The Enduser SitePad license was not loaded correctly sometimes. This is fixed.

9) [Bug-Fix] Certain hard-coded strings have been converted to language strings.

The new SitePad editor will now soon be made the default for all users and we will be able to give more themes and new features like e-commerce very soon.

The SitePad Team

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