SitePad 1.3.5 Launched in Stable branch


We have launched SitePad 1.3.5 in the Stable branch.

1) [Feature] Added options to add site-key, secret-key and language for reCaptcha in settings.

2) [Feature] Added button style type "animated" in the button widget.

3) [Task] Added protocols "http://www." and "https://www."

4) [Task] Made SitePad compatible with PHP 7.4.

5)[Task] Added "HTTPS" auto-detection while cloning the site.

6) [Bug-Fix] In certain cases, the site login was failed from the Sitepad end-user panel. This is fixed.

7) [Bug-Fix] While editing the site from Sitepad end-user panel, the protocol was not updated properly in the index.php file. This is fixed.

8) [Bug-Fix] In certain cases, the Sitepad site dashboard CSS and JS were not loaded properly. This is fixed.

9) [Bug-Fix] In some cases, YouTube videos were not being loaded properly in the lightbox. This is fixed.

10) [Bug-Fix] In the contact form, the variables in the mail template was not properly replaced when the field name was an array. This is fixed.

More exciting features will be launched in the upcoming version.

The SitePad Team

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