SitePad 1.3.7 Launched in Stable branch


We have launched SitePad 1.3.7 in the Stable branch. This version has an important security fix which our team has discovered.

1) [Security-Fix]: Our team discovered a security issue in the SitePad Plugin, which has been fixed in this version. This was discovered by our team internally and there is no public report about the same.

2) [Bug-Fix] In ISP Manager 5 the max DB and used DB were not detected properly. This is fixed.

3) [Bug-Fix] In certain cases when a revision of the post/page was applied, after updating the post, the post/page was invisible from the "All Pages" page. This is fixed.

SitePad will auto-update. If you have disabled SitePad Auto Update, please upgrade to this version manually.

The SitePad Team

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