SitePad 1.4.3 Launched in Stable branch


We have launched SitePad 1.4.3 in the Stable branch.

1) [Improvement] We have improved the Editor UX. Now we will show you a small notice modal for 5 seconds for your actions.

2) [Improvement] The copy-paste method has been further improved.

3) [Improvement] The CSS rendering method has been further improved and will reduce your page size.

4) [Improvement] Description added in Phone, Email, Address, Copyright widgets.

5) [Improvement] For the Modal Widget, clicking on the grey background will close the Modal box.

6) [Improvement] The splash widget has been further improved and added a max-height option for the splash container.

7) [Improvement] Added clone option for posts.

8) [Improvement] Added $site_title variable in contact form, now user can use use $site_title to print site title.

9) [Improvement] Added auto-detection for reply-to email in contact form. Now if the user does not add reply-to in addition fields then we will detect email from user-submitted data.

10) [Added] Added option to disable title in site title widget. Now you can disable the site title if the logo is enabled.

11) [Added] Added label field type in contact form widget.

12) [Task] In certain cases the JS and CSS file was not loaded properly because PHP execution was not allowed for compressing the static content. We have added auto-detection to serve via PHP if it’s available.

13) [Bug-Fix] In the primary menu widget if the menu name was longer, the menu item would exceed the border. This is fixed.

14) [Bug-Fix] While duplicating, the accordion and collapse widgets were not rendering properly. This is fixed.

15) [Bug-fix] In some cases while turning on the error report in PHP, some PHP error notice was shown. This is fixed.

16) [Bug-fix] The popup option styles were not applied properly. This is fixed.

17) [Bug-Fix] While applying the page/post revisions, the revision content was not rendering properly. This is fixed.

18) [Bug-Fix] If the animation heading widget contains the tag then it was not rendering properly. This is fixed.

19) [Bug-Fix] List Item widget URL not showing dropdown of suggestions of pages and posts. This is fixed.

20) [Bug-Fix] RSS and Archive WordPress widget checkboxes were not working properly. This is fixed.

21) [Bug-Fix] Shadow setting was not hiding even after changing the animation type to rotating. This is fixed.

22) [Bug-Fix] Rotate-2, Rotate-3, and Scale effects in animated heading were not working after a refresh. This is fixed.

23) [Bug-Fix] Adding many Animated Headings in a page was not working properly. This is fixed.

24) [Bug-Fix] Image Hotspot widget animation was not working. This is fixed.

25) [Bug-Fix] Image Hotspot widget tooltip with the display on click was not working properly. This is fixed.

26) [Bug-Fix] Facebook Embed widget width was not responsive. This is fixed.

27) [Bug-Fix] Single word content in the Icon Box widget was not splitting, due to this, the text was crossing the border of the widget. This is fixed.

28) [Bug-Fix] In some cases button with the stretched property was crossing its border. This is fixed.

29) [Bug-Fix] Image Box and Icon Box widget animation were not working when the URL is added. This is fixed.

30) [Bug-fix] The clone and delete icons were removed from the Body Props as they were not in use.

More exciting features will be launched in the upcoming version.

The SitePad Team