2018 Year In Review – SitePad Website Builder

Happy New Year from all of us at SitePad!!

As we enter 2019, we would like to highlight some of the major changes that happened with SitePad in 2018. It was a wonderful year at
SitePad and we are confident 2019 will be much bigger with several new features coming up in this year.

Major Changes in SitePad Plugin in 2018

  1. Added Re-branding Option: Re-branding option has been added for Direct Admin, and Plesk control panel. Documentation
  2. Added ACL:  Added Plans option which will help admins to create plans where they can restrict number of themes, sites, pages and blog posts for specific users/control panel plan. At the moment this feature is available only in cPanel. Documentation
  3. Added Download Option: Added a Download Option in Editor which can be only enabled/disabled by Admin via SitePad Admin Panel. Documentation
  4. Support for PHP 7.1 and 7.2: With PHP community releasing new branches faster than ever, we have made changes in SitePad to support all the latest versions of PHP. We also made structure changes in SitePad to make sure SitePad works fine when you upgrade the 3rd party PHP version.
  5. Bug Fixes and Improvement: Made some minor and major improvements and several bug fixes.

Major Changes in SitePad Editor Server in 2018

  1. Added Cookie Consent Option in the Settings Page. Now user can create their own Cookie Consent Policy. Documentation
  2. Added Option to publish only a Specific Page.
  3. Added Comments Widget option. Currently, Disqus commenting system is supported. Documentation
  4. Added Password Protect Site/Pages option. Documentation
  5. Added MailChimp Option in the Settings Page. Now user can directly add MailChimp PopUp code in the given textarea. Documentation
  6. Added an option to allow file uploads in Contact Form and the file(s) uploaded by the visitor are emailed to site admin.
  7. Improvements in Site Title Widget such as changing Site Title, adding a logo with the title, alignment, margin, etc.
  8. Added support for TLS protocol in SMTP emails in contact form.
  9. Added Support for RSS Feed. You can access your RSS feed at
  10. Made several minor and major Improvements.
  11. Several Bug Fixes.
  12. Updated Language Translations for Hungarian, French, Russian and Spanish.

We would like to Thank all our clients for showing confidence in our products. We appreciate your business with us and assure you that we will deliver more features and enhancements in 2019

The SitePad Team

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