SitePad Editor Update


We have released few updates on SitePad Editor server this month and here are the details:

1) [Feature] Added Comments Widget option. Currently, Disqus commenting system is supported we will add more commenting option soon. Documentation

2) [Feature] Added Password Protect Site/Pages option. Documentation

3) [Feature] Added Custom CSS field in Element style to add CSS directly to the given Element.

4) [Update] Added Title Color in Posts Slider.

5) [Update] Added Font Size option for Pricing Table.

6) [Update] Added Font Size option for Title and Sub-Title in Call to Action.

7) [Update ] Changed the default color of heading to blank instead of white in Service Box

8) [Bug Fix] In Predefined Styles uppercase alphabet was not being supported when using predefined animation class name. This has been fixed.

The SitePad Team

SitePad Editor Update


We have released few updates on SitePad Editor server last month and here are the details:

1) [Feature] Added Option to Download the website files in ZIP format.

2) [Feature] Added Option to Publish only a specific page.

3) [Feature] Added Pagination option for “Gallery” in Grid Gallery.

4) [Feature] Added Option to show or hide the Image Title when displaying Images in “Gallery” in Grid Gallery.

5) [Feature] Added Option in Site Title Widget such as changing Site Title, adding a logo with the title, alignment, margin, etc.

6) [Feature] Added Option for Title color in Service Box widget.

7) [Update] Updated Hungarian translation.

8) [Update] Updated French translation.

9) [Bug Fix] On preview of Header or Footer Page it was showing double Header or double Footer. This has been fixed now.

10) [Bug Fix] The URL for categories and tags were not published properly when the default blog page was not selected. This has been fixed now.

11) [Bug Fix] When using Greek characters in Site Title for Meta tag after save it was being converted into HTML characters. This has been fixed now.

12) [Bug Fix] When USER MOD DIR domains were selected from Softaculous and when the user would click on SitePad it would show invalid domain error. This has been fixed now USER MOD DIR domains are allowed for SitePad.

13) [Bug Fix] In Embed when a code with an image that used dynamic variables on Publish it would save as a normal image. This has been fixed now.

The SitePad Team

SitePad 1.0.8 Released


We have released SitePad 1.0.8

1) [Improvement] : Changing the re-branding settings in SitePad admin panel -> Settings page will also re-brand the SitePad icon for endusers in Directadmin and Plesk panel.

2) [Improvement] : In Directadmin and Plesk panel the user’s native language set will be automatically set as the default language for SitePad panel as well.

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The SitePad Team

2017 Year In Review – SitePad Website Builder

2017 has been a big year for SitePad !! As we bid goodbye to 2017, its time to review the changes in the past 12 months.

Major changes in 2017

  • We released the first stable version of SitePad on 1st February 2017
  • Added several features, bug fixes and improvements.
  • Added 150+ new templates across wide range of categories. Check out the templates here.
  • We also added many new partners this year who started offering SitePad website builder to their clients to build their website using a drag & drop website builder. Check out our NOC partners list here.

Some of the features we added this year include :

  • We moved our editor servers to NGINX and started using CDN which makes our editor servers perform much faster.
  • Added integration with Interworx, pd-admin and ISPmanager control panels.
  • Added support for Google Analytics, Sitemap and Meta tags (SEO).
  • Added support for Publish over FTPS as first preference for secure website publishing.
  • Added option to Clone an existing site.
  • Added White labelling options.
  • Added API support which allows admin to configure SitePad link into their custom control/billing panel.

& many more… !

We would like to Thank all our clients for showing confidence in our products. We appreciate your business with us and assure you that we will deliver more features and enhancements in 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at SitePad !!

PS : We are working during the holiday season so you can contact us for support related or any other queries and we will be glad to help you.

The SitePad Team