Moving to a New Server


If you have migrated your server you will have to first install SitePad on the New Server and then change the IP address of your license.

  • To do so login to the Client Center.
  • There click on your SitePad license key.
  • A page will appear with all details of the license. Here you can specify your new license IP.
  • Then Click on the "Update License" button.
  • That's it you have updated the license.

Refreshing License

The license on your server will refresh the next time the CRON runs on your server. But you can do it manually as well. Go to the SitePad Admin Panel and click on Refresh Licensefor immediate update.

Moving the data to the new server

Now you will have to move your site details to your new server.

Follow these steps to move your data :

  • Copy the following directories from your old server to the new server
  • The .sitepad directory contains the site details i.e. api key and api pass used to identify the site on the editor server.
  • Copy the .sitepad for all the users to the new servers.
  • Copy the following directory from your old server to the new server (if you have created any plans using ACL)
  • Copy the following file from your old server to the new server (this file contains your settings)

For DirectAdmin:

  • Thats it you are done.
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