Adding Favicon

This article will guide you to add a Favicon to your website.

Note: Similarly can be done for a sub-domain or sub-directory instead of domain's root directory you will need to access sub-directory or sub-domains directory.

Upload Favicon Manually

You will need to access your Control Panel and open File Manager

After accessing your File Manager you will need to access your public_html directory or your domain's root directory in your File Manager and then click on the Upload button. You can check the screenshot below.

On click of the Upload button, your control panel will redirect you to the upload page where you will need to upload your favicon.ico file or your favicon.png file.

Adding Favicon Link in SitePad

To add the Favicon link in SitePad you will need to access SItePad > Settings > Editor Settings.

Search for Custom HTML code in the Editor Settings section.

Add the following code mentioned below:

<link rel="icon" href="/favicon.ico?v=1.1">

For png file add the following code but instead of favicon.ico?v=1.1 add favicon.png once the code is added click on Save.

After you Publish site you should be able to view your favicon showing on top of you browser and in the address bar.

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