Service Box

This Guide will help you to add Service Box.

Drag and Drop Service Box

  • Drag and Drop Service Box from left side widget panel as shown in image below.
  • Now in Dialog Box of Service Box you can Customize Service Box.
  • Select Content Style of your Service Box as shown in image below.

Service Box Media Type

  • Select Media type you want to display in your Service Box. We have selected Font Icon.
  • As we selected Font Icon we need to Provide Icon as shown in image below. You need to provide image if you select Image Icon or Wide Image.
  • Also provide some different properties for your media type like Color, Size etc as shown in image.

Service Box Content

  • Enter Service Box Title and give Size for Title as shown in image below.
  • Enter content of your Service Box in Content section.


  • Check the Show Button box to show Button in your Service Box as shown in image below.
  • Next enter text to Display on Button and Link if you want go to other page on Button Click.
  • Select Button color from Predefined options or you can give Custom color by selecting Custom as shown in image below.
  • Select position for Button inside Service Box from Alignment section.

Custom Style

  • Click on Edit Element Style to add Custom styles as shown in image below.
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