Sites in multiple languages

This guide helps you how to make a site in multiple languages.

Make a full website with one language and clone that site so you have a full copy of your website and change the language strings with the other language string using the editor. For easily understanding, you can follow the below steps:

Clone Full Site

For cloning the website go to the Dashboard -> Sites -> Clone Site or you can also do by clicking of Dashboard -> All Sites, click the button of cloning which sites you want to clone.

Select the source site which you want to clone from dropdown list. Enter site name which show in SitePad editor url, Select domain name and enter site address for your cloning site. This will be your site address for your cloned site after publish. And enter Site Title for the language which you want, after that click on Clone button for cloning the site.

After completing the cloning process it shows two links Visit Dashboard and Visit Site, click on Visit Dashboard link for editing the cloning site.

Edit on Clone site

After cloning, click on Visit Dashboard link for editing the cloning site. You will get exact copy of site with same style and properties, and make changes on cloned site of French language.

Add links in header

Suppose you have a domain, this domain point to your English language and make button link for English and French languages in the header of both the sites, on clicking of their button it redirects to their languages and French domain is like this

Publish both sites

When all changes are done then publish both the sites.

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