Splash Screen

This Guide will help you to add Splash Screen.

Drag and Drop Splash Screen

  • Drag and Drop Splash Screen from left side Widget Panel at your desired portion of page.
  • When your website window reach that portion, At that time Splash Screen will get Displayed.
  • Here we have Dragged it at the Start of Page, so it will get Displayed when we load Page in Website.

Edit Content

  • When you Drag and Drop Splash Screen it will open Dialog Box for it.
  • Now in Dialog Box you can edit content by clicking on Edit Splash Screen as shown in image below.

Delay Time and Display

  • Delay time will delay the Arrival of Splash Screen with that much time.
  • Select when you want to display Splash Screen from Display options.
  • Select style of Splash Screen. If you want to give your custom style then select Custom.

Style and Animation

  • You can add your custom style by selecting Custom as shown image below.
  • There is another way to give custom styles which is given in later steps.
  • Now select type of Animation to Arrive the Splash Screen on your page. Same to Hide the Splash Screen.

Custom Styles

  • This is the second way to give custom style to Splash Screen.
  • Just click on Edit Element Style to add custom styles.

Splash Screen View

  • Splash Screen will look like as shown in image below in your website.
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