The Badge Widget allows you to create the numerous styles of badge in your pages. Badges are used to add additional information to any content.


The following is a GIF video to show you how to use the Badge widget and the various options available :

badge widget


The following are the various options we have for the badge widget :


  • Label : Enter the text for badge
  • URL : Set the URL for the badge
  • Type : Choose the type from the options available in the drop down i.e primary, secondary, success etc
  • Badge Style : Select the badge style to Normal or Pills
  • Vertical Align : Set the vertical align to top, bottom or none


  • Text : Enter your custom text
  • Color : Set the color of custom text
  • Typography : Choose the typography for your custom text

Badge Style

  • Space Between : Set the space between the text “your custom text” and badge
  • Top Bottom Spacing : Set the top and bottom padding around the badge
  • Left Right Spacing : Set the left and right padding around the badge
  • Typography : Choose the typography for badge text.

Button Badge

  • Button Badge : The whole badge can be converted into button by just clicking on the slider button.
  • Type : Choose the Button Badge style from the options available in the drop down.
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