Button Group


A Button Group Widget is group of series of buttons together (on a single line). Here you can add as many buttons together as you want on your homepage. CLICK HERE to see about the single button widget.


The following is a GIF video to show you how to use the button group widget and the various options available :


Button Groups


You can add as many buttons as you want by clicking on Add New Button Item. CLICK HERE to see more about the functionalities of button widget.


Set the alignment of the image eg. Left, Center, Right.

  • Left : Set the button group to left.
  • Center : Set the button group to center.
  • Right : Set the button group to right.


Set the layout of the button Group eg. Horizontal or Vertical.

  • Horizontal : Set the buttons inline.
  • Vertical : Set the buttons vertically.

Space Between

 Set the space between buttons as per its defined layout.

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