Image Hotspot


An Image Hotspot widget is a widget where you can add different image-areas on a single image.The Hotspots define the area of the particular image.

You can set multiple image hotspots on the same image. The widget can be customized with its different customization properties viz Animation and Display



  • Hotspots: To define the image-areas on the image.
  • Add New Hotspot: For adding more than one hotspot on an image.
  • Main Image: Adding of the image to be displayed for the image-area.
  • Animation: Animation effects to the Hotspot.
  • Display: For displaying the tooltip (area details).
    • On Hover: Tooltip (area details) will be displayed on Hover.
    • Always: Tooltip (area details) will be displayed always.
    • On Click: Tooltip (area details) will be displayed on click only.


  • Icon: Select the icon you want to set for the hotspot.
  • Color: Set the icon color for the hotspot.
  • Background color: To set the background color of the hotspot.
  • Pulse: Enable the toggle for Pulse effect on the hotspot or vice versa.
  • Pulse Color: Set the Pulse effect color of the hotspot.
  • Rounded: Hotspot to be round in shape, you have to enable the rounded toggle else square shape will be displayed.
  • Padding: To set the size of Hotspot.


  • To define or explain various image-areas in the image, the content has to be added in this. CLICK HERE to see the styling of text in this widget.
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