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The Post Portfolio Widget allows you to display your posts, pages, and custom post types in an attractive, customizable grid.


The following is a GIF video to show you how to use the post portfolio widget and the various options available :

post portfolio

Post Portfolio Widget

The following is a post portfolio widget :


Post Portfolio

  • Type : Select the type of portfolio to displayed viz. Post or Page.
  • Columns : Select number of images displayed in one row.
  • Posts Per Page : Set number of images displayed.
  • Height Ratio : Set ratio of height of images.
  • Columns Gap : Set horizontal space between images.
  • Row Gap : Set Vertical space between images.
  • Border Radius : Set roundness of border of images.

Title Style

  • State : Select the state in which effects to be displayed on post portfolio viz. Normal or Hover.
  • Show Title : Toggle display of title over images.
  • Color : Set the title color.
  • Typography : Set the font and text style of title.


  • Background Color : Set the background color of images.
  • On Hover : Set the background color of images which show on hover.
  • Delay : Set delay of hover.

Filter Style

  • Filter By : Select filter type of images, filter by Categories and filter by tags.
  • Color : Set color of tags.
  • Background Color : Set background color of tags.
  • Typography : Set the font and text style of tags.
  • Button Padding : Set the padding of tags.
  • Border Radius : Set roundness of tags box.
  • Space Between : Set distance between tags.
  • Bottom Space : Set space between tags and image.
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