The Sitemap widget allows you to display the organized and accessible HTML Sitemap. 

Sitemap helps users to easily navigate between site pages and posts.


The following is a GIF video to show you how to use the Sitemap widget and the various options available :



Sitemap Options

  • Sitemap Item : This option allows you to create sitemap item with.
  • Type : Select Post type or taxonomy to display in sitemap item.
  • Source : If the type is Taxonomy then select any custom taxonomy , tags or category. If the type is Posts then select any post, pages or any custom post type.
  • Title : Set the title for sitemap item.
  • Order By :  Select the order in which the posts will be displayed. This option allows you to order posts using Date, Title, Menu Order, Random.
  • Sort Order:  This option sorts the posts in ascending and descending manner.
  • Hierarchical View :  This option enables the hierarchical view to display sitemap links.
  • Depth : This option allows you to select the depth of hierarchy to show, from 1 to 6 or All
  • Column : Set the number of columns to be display in sitemap.
  • No Follow : Enable this option to add rel=”nofollow” to all sitemap links

Additional Option

  • Protected Post : This option allows you to show or hide the protected posts in sitemap.

List Option

  • Indent : This option allows you to set the amount of indentation within the lists.
  • Padding : This option allows you to manage padding of sitemap columns.
  • Title Color : Set the color for sitemap title.
  • Title Typography : Set the typography eg. Font family, Font size, etc. of the sitemap title.
  • List Color : Set the color for the sitemap links.
  • List Typography : Set the typography eg. Font family, Font size, etc. of the sitemap links.
  • List Style: Select the type of list bullet for sitemap links. The options include disc, circle, square, none.
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