Testimonial Slider


The Testimonial slider widget allows you to add more than one testimonial together. They are the perfect way to show your potential clients the kind of work you can provide. 




You can add as many testimonial as much you want by clicking on Add New Testimonial ItemsCLICK HERE to know more about the functionalities of testimonial.

Slider Options

  • Number of Items : Set the number of testimonial items to be displayed at once.
  • Animation In : Choose the animation for inner animation. 
  • Animation Out : Choose the animation for out animation. 
  • Loop : Enable the toggle to loop the testimonial slider.
  • Controls : Choose the controls you want to display viz. Arrows and Pager, Arrows, Pager, None.
  • Autoplay : Enable the toggle to autoplay the testimonial slider.
  • Autoplay Timeout : Set the time period to which autoplay is to be performed. (1000 ms is equal to 1 second.)
  • Autoplay Hover Pause : Enable the toggle to pause the autoplay on hover .

Arrow Style

  • Background Color : To set the background color of arrows.
  • Color: To set the foreground color of arrows.
  • Arrow Size: To define the size of arrows to be displayed on web page.
  • Background Size : To define the background size of arrows.
  • Background Shape : To set the background shape of arrows.

Pager Options

  • Color: To set the color of the pager.
  • Dot Size: To define the size of pager to be displayed on the web page.
  • Active Color: To set the color of the active pager.
  • Active Dot Size: To define the size of the active pager.
  • Top Spacing: To define the Top Space of the pager.
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