Display the key information where ever it is needed in a page with a Tooltip Widget that can be triggered on mouse hover, to add an extra little design quirk or a hint to your webiste.


The following is a GIF video to show you how to use the tooltip widget and the various options available :

tooltip widget


The following are the various options we have for the widget :


  • Text : Enter the Hover text on which tooltip will hover
  • Content : Enter the tooltip text content


  • Show Icon : If you want to show icon next to your hover text you can enable it through by just clicking on the slider button
  • Icon : Choose the Font Awesome icons from the options available in the drop down
  • Color : Set the icon color
  • Space Between : Set the space between the hover text and selected icon
  • Alignment : Align the icon to the left or the right of the Hover text

Text Style

  • Align : Align the Hover text to left, right or center
  • Color : Set the color of Hover text
  • Typography : Choose the typography for Hover text
  • Text Shadow : Set the text shadow effect to Hover text

Tooltip Style

  • Position : You can set the tooltip position to the left, right , top or bottom the selected Hover text
  • Width : Set the width of the tooltip
  • Inner Space : Set the space from the top and bottom inside the tooltip
  • Background Color : Choose the background color for tooltip
  • Color : Set the tooltip content text color
  • Typography : Choose the typography for tooltip content
  • Box Shadow : Set the shadow property to tooltip box
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