Splash Screen


The Splash Screen Widget allows you to embed a welcoming screen means it shows a dialog box when page loading is completed just like a Modal with full customization.


The following is a GIF video to show you how to use the splash screen widget and the various options available :

splash screen


Splash Screen

  • Style : Select background color of splash box. Dark, light and custom, in custom you have to select your own custom background color.
  • Display : Choose the display pattern in displaying splash screen, Always shows splash screen always when page loads and Once shows the splash screen once.
  • Delay : Set the delay in showing of splash screen after page loads.
  • Width : Set the width of splash screen.

Title Style

  • Title : Enter title of splash screen.
  • Alignment : Select the alignment for title in the splash screen.
  • Typography : Set the font and text style of splash screen title.
  • Spacing : Set the padding around splash screen title.


  • Text : Enter text and edit the text. CLICK HERE to see the styling effects of content.
  • Spacing : Set the padding around splash screen content text.


  • Size : Set size of close button.
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